10 Best Tips On Your First Date With A Transgender Woman

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Are you a guy trying to date a transgender woman and you’re not sure how quite to go about it? We’ve got some great tips and ways to go about casting your attention in your date’s direction. First of all, you should realize that a lot of transgender girls have trust issues. Why so? Because they have experienced a lot of negative stuff in their lives, and one would be bullying.

A lot of them are a bit nervous about socializing and of meeting new people. They are nervous of rejection like everybody is. They are looking for guys who will bear with them and that can be trusted all the way [1].

1. The first tip is that you are truly attracted to them, and not just playing a game

If you are interested in dating a transgender girl, you will need to convey to them that you intend to spend a lot of time with them and that you are not playing games with them; you are just really curious to see how it will pan out.

2. If you like her and want to catch her attention a good start is to give her compliments

Transgender girls love compliments [2] as all women do. And they also have a lot of insecurities like a lot of other women have as well. If you give her compliments, it helps her to feel proud and boosts her confidence. You can tell her that there is nothing wrong with telling someone that you like them.

3. Never send dick pics, that's really not on

Lots of guys think that transgender girls will be like sex slaves to them – and that’s not true at all. Sure, a lot of them will be taking anti-androgen and estrogen, but in fact, a lot of transgender women suffer a lot from depression and anxiety. They seek out the company of people who understand them and want to be with them for who they are so that they can talk to you. They are actually high-maintenance people because they have such trust issues; they want everything set up. So if they know you are really serious about them and interested in them as a person, that will be a big plus.

4. Don’t go out with a transgender woman because it’s a fetish of yours or a novelty

Transgender women realize that a lot of guys see them as a fetish, like something new to try out. But they are not all the same, with the same type of bodies and the same types of personalities. A guy cannot stereotype transgender women and make up his own assumptions.

5. Remember, your date wants to be treated like a normal date

When she goes on a date with you, she wants you to treat her like you treat the other women you have been on a date with. She wants to talk about normal dating things, what she does as a hobby, what she likes to eat, what her hobbies are, etc.

6. You need to understand that her sexuality and gender are two different things

A lot of guys don’t understand that a transgender women’s gender and her sexuality are two different things. So if you are a straight guy and you are dating a transgender woman, it is because you are attracted to her as a woman. Some people try and introduce transgender woman to gay guys as if the transgender woman is a gay man. That is not the case at all.

The transgender woman has transitioned to be a straight woman. So if you are a straight guy and you date a transgender woman, it does not mean you have changed your sexuality as a guy. A lot of straight guys also get a lot of criticism and opinions thrown at them about their own sexuality when dating a transgender woman.

7. A transgender woman doesn’t want to be kept as a “secret” girlfriend

Because of the stigma, cisgender men are inclined to keep a transgender girlfriend a secret. He doesn’t want to be seen with her in public. That’s being disrespectful. It’s not straight men’s fault because society treats them like that, often treating the couple as two gay people. But the transgender woman deserves her boyfriend to show her off if he is in a relationship with her.

8. Be accepting and supportive of her transition

There are many steps toward transition, and it costs a lot of money too, from hormone treatment to hair removal treatment, to breast augmentation, and much more. You need to be patient with your date who has gone through this transition; not to treat her as an object of desire and rather as a person with a personality and to go on more dates with. Don't be the guy who loses out on a great girl because she hasn’t had her breast job done yet.

9. She fears rejection just like you

Everybody, whether transgender or not, crave emotional connections with others. And when these emotional connections are sought and then rejected, it can really bring someone down and set them back. Maybe your girlfriend will say she doesn’t care, but she does care, and everybody else does too! [3].

10. She doesn’t want to be defined as being trans

She might have told you she is trans already on the dating apps, or she might tell you she is trans on your first date. You need to keep in mind that this doesn’t define who she will be and that each and every transgender person is different. If you want to seriously date her, you will have to look beyond her being transgender and get to know the real person before making wrong assumptions.


If you realize on your first date that your date is transgender and you do not care to date a transgender woman, you need to walk away from a second and third date. A transgender woman as a date doesn’t want you to be comfortable only with her in the bedroom, but not in public places. She wants you to be proud of her wherever you go.

We have given you 10 tips that will help you to enjoy and prepare for your first date with a transgender woman. It can work out well for both of you, but you both have to be willing to put your all into it as a team – then you can expect success and happiness.


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