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TG Personals
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Tgpersonals is a free online dating platform used to connect only the transgendered and transsexual in the US together. It is used to find love, friends, a roommate, and sex for the transgendered. It is designed to hook up transgendered all over USA on a safe and protected platform, because most transgendered are stereotyped in public because of their uniqueness. This forces them to live hidden lives due to fear of being victimized and judged. This site removes the fear and the lies, giving every transgendered a free and open platform to express themselves, socialize, and find love.



  • Totally free

Creating Account

This is completely free and requires you follow some quick and easy steps. The site requires you to fill up the columns for display name, email address, username, password, headline, and a little about yourself. It then collects your birthdate, gender, relationship interests, and location. You are to fill all those up with correct and real information to proceed to the website as a member.

Main Features

This online dating platform is an all in one. It allows you search for friends; someone to hang out and have fun with, search for a roommate; someone to share a room with, if you’ve got excess space not complimenting the rent or someone to live with to avoid being lonely, or search for love; this is the major challenge of transgendered in the outside world, making this a safe avenue to find the one of your desire.

Lovers of sex this is to get your attention. This site offers you the option of searching for someone to hook up with. All you need to do is just search, and indeed you will find.

Search Capabilities

Tgpersonals has a very versatile search capability. It uses the information uploaded by a member to carry out a complex search to meet your exact need. It asks for your gender and the gender you are interested in, then it asks for the age range of the partner of your choice. After that, it then asks for the kind of relationship you want i.e. friendship, love, sex, or roommates. It takes your location information after that to check the possible matches in your proximity, and uses keywords to make the search more effective.


You are basically connected to many transgendered all over the United States. This network only connects transgendered in USA only.

Privacy and Safety

The safety of the members outside the site is not guaranteed, and as such Tgpersonals urges its members to beware of scammers who use romance and sex appeal to dupe people of money. Member discretion is advised.

Personal information shared between Tgpersonals and any of its members is keep confidential, and would not be given access to or shared with a third-party of any form.


Very good mixture of features; from seeking just friends to getting love and sex, to satisfy the interest of different members

A very sound search system that makes precise searches to suit the interest of the user

The fact that the site clearly states the level of safety of its members to make them conscious of the possible mishaps is a very good notification.


The site has no actual method to stop scammers and little children from entering the site.

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